Friday, August 26, 2011

well that makes me feel better

sooo.... something really funny happened at work today. at least, i thought it was funny.

i was putting some books away at the bookstore where i work, and the shelf i was trying to put them on had alot of books on it, so they were packed in pretty tight. so i was looking for some to take off so i could put the new ones on. one book that was out of place was "the buddha in the mirror".

when i saw that title, it reminded me of the story of bloody mary - that if you say bloody mary three times while looking in a mirror, she appears. here's a trailer of paranormal activity 3 that shows what i'm talking about:

so when i thought of that, i was like "hm. i wonder if you say buddha three times while looking in the mirror, if the buddha would appear.... like buddha buddha buddha" and then my brain said "rockin everywhere!!" and i said what?? why did my brain say that??

and then i remembered the song. "booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere"

so then i started laughing.

and then i found this, and it made me feel a little better (not quite so crazy), and i thought it was pretty awesome:

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