Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more tales from a bookstore

so today, one of my coworkers was setting up a display called an endcap. she had just taken down the books that were previously on the display, and was in the process of adding the new books when a frantic teenager approached her.

teenager: "oh no! where did it go??"

coworker: ".... where did what go?"

teenager: "the best book in the world was right here!! where did it go??"

coworker, puzzled because test prep books were previously on that display. "well, i think this book was just right there" she holds up an ACT exam prep book.

"that's it!!" yells the teenager. she snatches it from my coworker, turns to her friends, and says proudly "here it is! this book is gonna teach me how to act!!!"


Kelle said...

is that for real? so sad if so...

Sally said...

Wow really ? lol .

jefe said...

yes. for real. all of my "tales from a bookstore" stories are true. :)