Friday, February 11, 2011

dallas world aquarium

so i've been meaning to visit the DWA for years... but i've always put it off due to the cost (it was about $45 for two people).
my gf and i went today... and it was pretty cool. i was expecting to see alot of fish and snakes and lizards... maybe some sharks. but there is alot more than that. it's basically a zoo. no large animals like zebras or giraffes or elephants... but they DID have a tree kangaroo, and lots of other animals, birds, etc. the flamingo exhibit is right next to the huge tank where the sharks, sawfish, one enormous turtle, and manta rays were. it was really interesting to stand where you can see both of them and watch all the action, especially since we happened to be there right at feeding time.
i recommend it.

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