Saturday, October 25, 2008

the great decision

so i recently found out that - not only does mccain plan to overthrow roe v wade if elected... obama plans to strengthen roe v wade with legislation that will take away the state's abilities to restrict abortions.

being an extremely pro-life voter, my decision is clear.

to me, there is nothing in the economy or world political situation that is as important as the millions of lives of innocent children that will be saved if roe v wade is overthrown... i know that the influence mccain has will only be so much - and i know that obama's influence will only be so much. but a step in either direction, i think, is huge.

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Whistler said...

just saw this & i thought it was interesting in several ways, but didn't like 2 particular parts of the video...
have to remember the audience intended isn't my particular demographic